himacs aOne economical way to get a new kitchen or bath is by recycling existing material into new tops. If you are pulling out your old kitchen, sometimes there is enough usable material to fabricate a kitchen for the apartment over the garage, rental house, bathroom vanity, etc. You can also find material on Craigslist or by visiting your local Habitat ReStore.

Solid surface (Corian, HiMacs, Avonite, etc.) lends itself to being reused. It can be cut down and fabricated into new lengths, then sanded and polished to remove surface wear and tear.

In addition to saving money, recycling makes good use of existing resources and keeps material out of the landfill. If you are considering this route, give us a call or email to see if we can help.    828.670.1315   rob@ashevillekitchentops.com