Custom Projects

Everybody has a wish list for their home. Maybe it’s a piece of furniture you’ve designed in your head, or something you need but just can’t find in the big box stores. We build desks, window planters, built-in shelving & cupboards, storage units, you name it. We make it a point to look for one-of-a-kind projects to keep things interesting. No matter how odd the odd jobs get, we love them!

This is a rustic table made for a Big Green Egg grill. It was made using locust wood, with a soapstone top and a small cabinet made to store cooking utensils.

Resurfacing Cabinets

Sometimes a kitchen or bath just needs a little help. Maybe the cabinets are well built and in good shape, but could use an update. Or maybe you’re changing your style or color palette. You can keep your old cabinets and still give your kitchen or bath a completely new look with a resurfacing. It will also save you money – you can re-face cabinets for a fraction of what brand new cabinets would cost.      read more


Asheville Kitchen Tops offers quality installation for all of the cabinets and countertops we build. We’re also happy to install your cabinets or tops purchased online or from a wholesaler or home improvement store.