Solid Surface Countertop

Beauty and durability make solid surface a popular countertop choice for both kitchen and bathroom. The rainbow of colors and patterns available, the use of integral sinks, and a variety of edge profiles make it suitable for just about any style. Solid surface has been around for over 25 years, but the introduction of new colors and patterns means the look is always fresh.

Solid surface is a practical choice as well. It is non-porous, which inhibits the growth of bacteria and germs. It is also stain resistant and easy to clean, requiring little more than mild soap and water. Seams virtually disappear during fabrication, giving the tops a smooth and clean appearance. Another unique property of solid surface is the ability to be easily repaired. Scratches can be buffed out by hand, and even small burns can be sanded away. Not many countertop materials are self-renewing like solid surface.

Solid surface materials have come a long way from the limited choices of decades ago. Today there are styles that mimic stone, terrazzo, concrete and glass, as well as colorful palettes with particles that add depth and texture. With solid surfacing, sink and counter materials can be integrated to create a fluid, graceful line. In addition to beauty and style, the durability and low maintenance of solid surface make it an ideal choice for a busy household.

We offer solid surface materials from several different companies. All kitchen and bath countertops are fabricated by hand in our shop, and we install everything we build. Integral, drop-in, or undermount sinks are available in several sizes and styles for both kitchen and bath.