Wood-Edge Laminate CountertopThere’s an easy way to customize your countertops and still stay within your budget. Laminate tops with a wood edge are a good way to add beauty and a special touch to a practical and economical surface. The wide variety of laminate colors and textures makes it easy to find one that will work in any room. Add the natural beauty of wood, and you have a countertop with a distinctive style that stands out from the ordinary.

We build custom tops using a wood species that will match or complement your cabinets. The wood is applied to the front edge of the tops and along the top of the backsplash. You have your choice of several edge profiles, and the wood can be stained any color you choose. All of the wood is sealed with several coats of a waterproof clear coat that will keep the wood looking beautiful, even in heavy use areas like the kitchen or bathroom.

Because laminate countertops are durable and low-maintenance, they are a perfect fit for the busy household. Clean up is simple, and your tops will continue to look good with very little maintenance. Abrasive cleansers or pads are not recommended, and use a cutting board for chopping and a hot plate or trivet for hot dishes.

The variety of colors and textures available is what gives laminate a real advantage over other materials. Combined with a wood edge, your countertops will really stand out. It’s the perfect fit – the affordability and durability of laminate, and the beauty of real wood.