Laminate - PostForm

Laminate countertops have always been durable and affordable, with a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures available. Now there are edge profiles to complement any style. The use of a different edge profile can easily change the countertop from a traditional to a contemporary look.

Postform tops are made from a seamless piece of laminate and include a cove, or rounded, backsplash. They are available in several front edge profiles – waterfall (a curved front edge), no-drip, bullnose, demi-bullnose, and ogee.

Postform countertops are more durable and scratch resistant than ever. They are made to look better, and look better longer. Maintainence is easy, just clean with mild soap and water. Abrasive cleaners can damage laminate surfaces, so don’t use them. Laminate tops will last a very long time with reasonable care – use a cutting board to chop and slice, and a hot plate or trivet under hot dishes.

Laminate has always been a popular countertop material – it offers a wide range of choices, even for homeowners on a budget. Postform laminate tops are the most economical countertops on the market. The variety of colors, patterns, textures, and edge profiles available today offer unlimited style at an affordable price.